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seniors connected through technology

  • Stay Connected

    Video chats to communicate face-to-face with distant friends and family members. We make it easier for grandparents to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives, reading to them or interacting in other ways, face-to-face with video calling engages.

  • Email and Texting

    Emailing and texting communications that is easy and virus free by design.

  • Facebook Blogging

    Share your life stories, enjoy images from family, and accumulated wisdom from others.

Product Feature
  • Music for Seniors

    Hit music and oldies years past will motivate and excite. Free streaming music.

  • Documents in the Cloud

    Never loose documents, share recipes and documents with others without having to email them.


"simplicity – less stuff. less stress. less expense.
more money. more time. more joy; less equals more"

CEO, IT Basics

Seniors benefit from Technology

Seniors benefit from embracing technology

Children and grandchildren are growing up in a tech-savvy world, seniors must adapt in order to communicate.

More and more seniors are realizing that going where their family members are going, most frequently Facebook, makes it easier to link up and keep up with what is going on in the lives of loved ones. It also makes for more frequent and comfortable conversations between generations than most would experience if the phones were used simply for calls. Social media is for seniors and enables them to stay closer to family.

Elders appreciate the health benefits of IT

Surfing the Web for only a week stimulated areas of the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning in middle-aged and older adults with little Internet experience.

Spending time online reduces depression and increases cognitive brain function among senior citizens. Along with improvements in quality of life, researchers say reducing the incidence of depression by widespread Internet use among older Americans could help trim the nation’s health care bill. Enjoy the many sites, such as, that enables games to be used as brain training for elders.

Seniors INDEED get IT (Information Technology)

Seniors have reported that by learning how to utilize the computer they have become increasingly more independent. They are now able to shop online, do their banking online and basically research just about anything online. For these seniors, they are less dependent on younger, more mobile family members to take them to the bank because they can make their transfers and inquiries online. For special occasions, they no longer have to wait for someone to accompany them to a store because they can shop and browse online. They report that they keep up with current events, download recipes, can see what the television schedule is, read about current and upcoming movies, and so much more. In short, by learning how to access the Internet, seniors all agree that they are connected with the family and the rest of the world. Technology has given us significantly faster and immediate access to the outside world, family, and friends when we need it.

For the seniors that have purchased from us, I congratulate you for extending your minds and welcoming the technological language of the younger generation. For you, too, shall have open access to this ever-changing phenomenon with the purchase of “Seniors get IT” device.

  • Calendar Reminders

    Know your medication times, exercise time, birthdays, and other appts. Plug them in and you are ready to go.

    Updates from Retirement Community

    Meal and Entertainment Itinerary uploaded from main office at your center.

  • Small Form Factor

    Designed to take up only the amount of room the monitor would, no extra items to clutter your area.

    Attaches to back of Monitor

    Designed to be VESA mounted to conserve in valuable space

  • Consistent Interface

    The operating system we use is easy and never changes, no more Microsoft updates and visual differences.

    Virus Free Design

    Designed to deter viruses and keep you running smoothly, much like a Macintosh does.

    Large Keys

    Large print keyboard, no more hard to read keys.